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Keyword Research for Your Website

Like creating any business, starting an online business takes a lot of work. You have your website up to your liking. Do you think you are done? If you think the answer is yes, I will guarantee you that you

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Give Google A Reason to Love You

With more people using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, now more than ever you need to create a website that is responsive on multiple devices.  How many are using mobile devices?  A recent Pew Study found that

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How to Write S.E.X.Y. Content (Part 1)

Everyone gets in a slump and can’t figure out to get out of the funk.  Writing the same stuff over and over again can get tired and boring.  You want  something different, something new. Out of nowhere,  she appears. She

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How to Write for Your Website?

By Eric Van Riper It may take a while, so don’t get frustrated, this step is important for you to build a foundation for your site.  Research, Research, Research It’s a rough world out there for online retailers. In the adult

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Optimize for the Eyeballs

By Inga Van Riper:  Brand Strategist at Several studies have illustrated where users eyeballs fall, depends on the site layout.  One way to determine what people are viewing on your sites by using heat-map tools.  Heat-maps are graphics that are

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A Good Domain Name is Hard to Find

Finding a good domain name is hard, but there are good domain names that are still out there. Here are some hints to help you in your search. Try to include your company’s name:  If you’re already selling a particular

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Google Analytics and Social Media

With 73% of adults in the United States that uses some form of social media, online companies have begun to to see the importance of social media as a marketing tool. As more and more firms set up their company pages,

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