What Is Your Color?

Hex codes, color codes,

Choosing The Right Colors for Your Website The essence of internet marketing lies on how you create an effective sales copy that would not just attract prospects but make them your returning customers. Unlike with promoting your products or services

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The Power of #Hashtags

How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Website Hashtags are becoming a popular social media tool. It is not just being used on Twitter, but also Instagram and Facebook. However most users don’t understand how hashtags can work in promoting

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Embracing Change

2015 Retail Outlook

Keeping Pace with Evolving Market Spells Success for Distributors  In Their Crucial Relationship with Retailers Thanks to XBIZ Premiere and Alexander Poe

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How to Write S.E.X.Y Part 4

Exciting Content

Make Your Content Xciting Regardless of Your Topic. There are many topics that you are going to come in contact with. Unfortunately, not all of them will seem as exciting as the others. Writing exciting content even when the topic

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How to Write S.E.X.Y Content Part 3

If you are wondering how to make your content more engaging, you are not alone. A lot of companies struggle with creating an article or other piece of content that will stimulate an interest in a potential customers. Since we

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How to Write S.E.X.Y. Content (Part 2)

Part 2 of 5 Sexy Content

In the crowded bar, your eyes meet, you smile at each other and he starts to walk towards you.  You caught his attention, but that is only the first step.  Now it is time to make a strong first impression. He is

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Build the Store and Honey’s Place Receives Multiple XBIZ Awards Nominations

Companies Picks Up a Total of Five Nominations San Fernando, CA: Honey’s Place and Build the Store, are honored to be nominated with two distribution nominations and three leadership nominations from industry publication XBIZ. The two distribution nominations are for

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