Keyword Research for Your Website

Like creating any business, starting an online business takes a lot of work. You have your website up to your liking. Do you think you are done? If you think the answer is yes, I will guarantee you that you will have nothing but disappointment. One of the important things that you will learn about the ecommerce world is Search Engine Optimization or (SEO). As a site owner, you will need to learn how to drive the right traffic or visitors to your site. Learning this technique can be the deciding factor weather your online store succeeds or fails.

SEO is a set of tactics that helps search engines such as Google or Bing the ability to understand what your online business is about and what products your site sells. In return this can increase your chances by being more visible on the various search engines. The results is more potential customers will come to your site looking for the products that you sell on your site.

One of these SEO methods is called keyword research. Keyword research is the ability to identifying the most relevant phrases when people are looking for information on search engines. Then matching your website with those keywords and phrases. Your goal as a website owners is to create and build a list of keywords and phrases that people will use to find your website. In time, search engines will have a better understand about your website thus leading to increase traffic and higher sales.

Keywords Definitions

Here are some basic terms and definitions that will help you understand keywords

Keywords – According to Google A keyword  is a word or phrase describing your product or service that you choose to help determine when and where your ad can appear.

  • The keywords you choose are used to show your ads to people. Select high-quality, relevant keywords for your ad campaign to help you reach only the most interested people, who are more likely to become your customers.
  • When someone searches on Google, your ad could be eligible to appear based on the similarity of your keywords to the person’s search terms, as well as your keyword match types. Keywords are also used to match your ad to sites in the Google Network that are related to your keywords and ads.

Longtail Keywords –  Think about how your search for things online.  Do you normally use single words or do you type in phrases?   Over 70% of online searches uses phrases.   Longtail keywords are keywords or phrases that contain three or more words.   According to SEOMoz and also tend have a higher conversion rate because the searcher is done with their research and is closer to purchasing a specific item.

Search Volume Index  – Search volume is usually measured in average monthly searches.

Competition – Search volume isn’t the only thing you need to consider. Competition is equally, if not more important. There’s no point in trying to rank for keywords you have no chance of ranking for. Competition refers to the difficulty of ranking for each particular keyword. In an ideal situation, your chosen keywords would have high search volume and low competition; however, these gold nuggets are difficult to find and will require some hard work, patience and maybe a little luck to find.

Keep in mind that the competition in Google’s Keyword Planner Tool refers to paid advertising competitiveness of keywords rather than organic search competition; however, this is many times representative of the organic search competition as well.

Why is Keyword Research So Important

It is very important to choose what keywords that will work best for your website. Search engines will be able to match and display your website in the search results. How does this happen? When someone does an online search, the search engines will determine what websites will relevant to the words or phrases that they entered in for their search from hundred of thousands of pages.  The algorithms of the search engines will determine the most relevant matches for every search that is entered in. It’s up to the search engine algorithms to determine the best and most relevant matches for every single search.

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