If You Write It; They Will Come

You Need Unique Content

Content is free, helpful information that fills a need. Sharing your expertise on your website or in you blog will attract people to your business or your website site. It is good to reveal your expertise, people will flock to your site, subscribe or purchase. The more you share the more potential customers you will attract. They will want to do business with you if you have great content that proves you are knowledgeable.

Authority figure word cloud with abstract background Sharing content on a website or in a blog post is a magnet for potential customers. They are searching online for the answers to problems. If they come across your content, realize you are an expert in your field, they will believe in you. You can help them solve their problems.

Marketers know that price, features, and benefits of a product or service are essential, but you need to have good content that aligns with a person’s feelings or goals. Write content that provides patterns, is highly visual, is social, and provides information to tempt curiosity.

Good content will generate targeted and relevant traffic to your site. Be willing to provide free information. “Give away” you information to get more users interested in your website or blog. The more content and comments you provide the more search engines will crawl to your website, and the higher your rankings will be.

SEO or search engine optimization is the way to get users to your site. Using SEO tactics means using keywords that are peppered throughout your content. Keywords are the way for users to find your content, examine your reasoning, and decipher your structural composition. Keywords are essential for both SEO and content.

If you show you have the expertise in a certain subject, and you have provided information for that expertise on your website, you have now built trust with your customer. Trust brings in more sales and longing for information. Content expertise is topical. It is what comes from your head, from what you know and what you have learned. You learn content expertise through reading, writing teaching and researching. Let your users know where developed your expertise; this will give you high credibility, a good reputation, and higher rankings.

Provide information with different ways to provide content. You can add text, visual or sound content that will be part of the user’s experience. Continually update your website with relevant information that includes documents, data, applications, plus images.

Link building is vital for good content. Link building is unavoidable if you want good traffic to your website. Link building is the trump card for higher rankings. Find a way to get external pages to link to pages on your website. You can do this with persuasive content, expertise, and marketing skills. Use quality links that have been on the Internet for a while or sites that are known to your customers. For example, if you use a link to a page on your local newspaper, you will not get as much traffic as a link to the New York Times. Links provide credibility.


Written By  Inga Van Riper,  Brand Strategist BuildtheStore.com

Here at BuildtheStore.com, our number one goal is to make you successful. Build the Store’s fully hosted SaaS is designed to help you build, manage, and grow a successful online store. Build the Store offers a feature-rich, eCommerce platform that provides you complete flexibility over the functionality of your online site at a great price. With search engine optimization and advanced inventory management, Build the Store give you the ability to provide a superior shopping experience for your customers. Build the Store is designed as an easy to use, customizable website to meet your needs and budget. We take the hassle out of running an online store, so you can focus on what you do best: marketing and selling!

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