What Is Your Color?

Choosing The Right Colors for Your Website

The essence of internet marketing lies on how you create an effective sales copy that would not just attract prospects but make them your returning customers. Unlike with promoting your products or services personally, you simply rely on how your website appears to your visitors convincing them that they’re on the right place. This is where the challenge comes in since you have to ensure that your website looks very professional and engaging by blending perfectly the web design, layout, and content.color-code-generato

One of the most overlooked aspects of web design is the appropriateness of website colors on its background, borders, and to the texts itself. But, what do colors mean on for a website? Basically, colors are visual elements that can either make or break the overall impression of your website. Just a tiny mistake in color combination and color application would mean a minus to your sales conversion. This is because colors have much something to do with psychology. People tend to be more interested in something that appears pleasant to their eyes. Hence, you must at least know what website psychological colors would be best to go parallel with the type of service category you are offering.

According to website colors experts, red is mostly associated with passion, adventure, action, excitement, and food. It also represents warning and danger in most cases. Blue symbolizes success, trustworthiness, power, calmness, seriousness, and professionalism. It also represents water, and peace of mind. Green among other website colors, on the other hand, is often associated with nature, harmony, healing, animals, life, and money as well. It also sometimes means tranquility and serenity. Orange represents creativity, fun, affordability, comfort, and sense of youthfulness. It also carries the essence of celebration and enjoyment.

Websafe colors Added to the website colors for your web design, purple is often understood as a symbol of royalty, luxury, dreams, fantasy, and justice. It can also mean ambiguity and uncertainty in some cases. White represents cleanliness, innocence, simplicity, and purity. It also symbolizes class and finesse. Yellow, on the other hand, is mostly associated with tenderness, playfulness, and curiosity. It also carries a sense of cheerfulness and light spiritedness. Pink represents tenderness and youthfulness as well. It also is associated with innocence, sweetness, and softness. In addition, brown is often linked to earth, tribal, nature, and a sense of primitiveness. Grey, on the other hand, resembles more of reservation, indifference, and neutrality. And, black denotes secrecy, mystery, seriousness, and darkness. It also symbolizes prestige and prominence.

Basically, these are the website colors that you can take as your guide when creating your web design. If you’re promoting food related items, might as well have a touch of the red color on your website and blend it well with other colors. If you’re not that confident, you can always hire an expert in web design or choose readymade templates that best represent your taste, the type of service you’re offering, and with the most appropriate color as stressed.

Written By  Inga Van Riper,  Brand Strategist BuildtheStore.com


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