The Power of #Hashtags

How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Website

Hashtags are becoming a popular social media tool. It is not just being used on Twitter, but also Instagram and Facebook. However most users don’t understand how hashtags can work in promoting their website. Here are some tips on how to understand and how to promote your businesses using the hashtag features wisely.

tweet-hashtagSo what are Hashtags?  Hashtags are pound signs (#) followed by a keyword or key phrase that is spelled out with no spaces. For example, Build the Store’s most popular hashtag is #sexytech. Search Twitter for all the #sexytech posts, and you will get a stream of all the tweets of users who mentioned this hashtag. Once you share your company’s information or keywords and phrases using a hashtag, you have greater exposure to other people who are looking for your topic. Twitter is the key if you don’t have time to read anything that is longer than 140 characters. Hashtags were created to promote content. Once you put a # in front of a word, it becomes a link that takes you to a page where other people are talking about the same thing.

How can Hashtags Be Used?

Increase engagement among followers is to get people to look at more content. This is difficult since people on Twitter do not want to read through pages of posts or tweets just to find the more about a topic. Using a hashtag, users can find all of the related posts about one topic.

Get noticed by using popular hashtags.   Use popular hashtags in posts to get different users to notice them. For example, if you want to promote fruit, use #apples and then follow up with information about your apples. Using hashtags to your advantage means targeting content, so it is found by the right niche market.

Spread Content.  Hashtags are very valuable for spreading content. It is, therefore, important for social media marketers to use the right hashtags. Many people on Twitter have used hashtags for years, and now there are people who are learning of the function on Facebook. You will often see hashtags used in such a way that makes no sense or serves no purpose. To make the most of your Facebook hashtags, think of what you want to accomplish before you randomly use the hashtag symbol when marketing your products.hashtag-howto-chalkboard

Resources to Help. There are resources available to help you with hashtags. One is with its advanced algorithm that discovers hashtag by user, period, and category. Use Tagboard that searches for hashtags on different social media platforms. is a very advanced hashtag search engine that is available for the Twitter platform. You can see what tags are related and find the best one for your marketing campaign.

Be careful and do not put too many words together. Keep your keyword and phrases logical. Be careful you don’t use too many hashtags in one sentence.

Use a hashtag to promote your site, products or even yourself. Limit your hashtags to no more than three per posting.

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