How to Write S.E.X.Y Part 4

Make Your Content Xciting Regardless of Your Topic.

There are many topics that you are going to come in contact with. Unfortunately, not all of them will seem as exciting as the others. Writing exciting content even when the topic of it is boring, is something that a lot of writers struggle with. The good news is that in reality you can make your content exciting no matter what the topic you are dealing with. Below you can find few methods that will help you make the everyday boring content into something that is interesting and buzz worthy:

 Write Interesting Headlines

Every article starts with headline that is going to stimulate interest in prospective reader. Your headline will either draw people in to read your content or will discourage them from doing so. When it comes to headlines, you should always try to stimulate emotions in your headlines or make a promise that the reader can take something away from it. Instead of going for headline such as “Top 5 Gluten Free Recipes”, you could go for “Top 5 Gluten Free Recipes That Will Help You Loose Weight”. This will promise your readers a positive change and create some sort of excitement to make their life better.

 Tell A Story

Everybody loves stories and this why you should try to include at least one within your content. You can make your content more exciting by telling the story about the topic you are writing about. Write something funny or surprising that will make your content more fun to read. You can never go wrong with little bit of humor.

 Use Examples With Pictures If Possible

When you give real life examples in your content, it creates more interest among the readers. Especially, when you can create some sort of pictures.

 Include Something Controversial

Controversy can go very far no matter what type of content you are writing about. Try including something controversial within your content and you will make your content exciting. You can talk about how buying Facebook fans can help your business or how not showering for few days can be good. Whatever you can think of that you can back up by a few arguments will create excitement among the readers. The best part is that it will create discussion. Your readers don’t have to agree with all that you write about so make sure you are aware of that.

 There Are No Boring Topics

The truth is that there are no boring topics but boring authors. It all about the approach that you are going to take. It is a mindset that you set yourself when writing about specific topics. There are definitely people who are passionate about content that might be boring to you so try to find similar voice to them. Try connecting with them and try to find ways that will make your content interesting. It might be facts, data, something controversial, or even little bit of humor that will make a huge difference between boring and exciting. 


At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you make out of each topic that you have to write about. There will be topics that might seem less exciting than the others for you but the truth is that should always strive to make it fun for your readers. It is more about the approach that you undertake in your writing rather than the topic. That being said, even the most dull content can be changed to something exciting if you know how to do it right.

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