How to Write S.E.X.Y. Content (Part 1)

Everyone gets in a slump and can’t figure out to get out of the funk.  Writing the same stuff over and over again can get tired and boring.  You want  something different, something new.

Out of nowhere,  she appears. She is different than anything else you have written in the past.  It is funny and draws attention.   People are talking about what you have written.  It’s Funny, attentive and very sexy.  Sexy is the guy that shares something with you that nobody else does. The girl that tells a story in engaging ways.  And the person who surprises and delights you with their dance moves (that same, surprising, person you thought was boring!).


There is more than one way to be sexy or interesting.  But what do I mean by “sexy” content? Well, sexy content attracts users through its looks–originally. Like a pretty girl or a handsome man, if your content is easy on the eyes, it will attract people.

Here are some sexy moves that apply to “boring businesses” with boring business content.  They will also give you ideas for any business (even if you think your content is sexy enough!).

In fact, they are similar to the advice you would give someone on a first date:

Smart:  Like an intelligent woman or man, if you have something good to say, you’ll keep them there.

Engaging:  Be the life of the party,  be the life of your blog.  Get your followers to interact with your postings.

eXciting:  Be different and change things up.  Predictability isn’t sexy.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite of sexy.  Content that’s formatted the same way on every page will turn people off.

Yours: Write in your own words and voice.  People can tell if you are fake.  It’s is another way to turn that special someone off.

The next four weeks,  we are going to break down each of the steps and help your to write S.E.X.Y content.

Thanks to Social Labs for the inspiration for this article.

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