Optimize for the Eyeballs

By Inga Van Riper:  Brand Strategist at Buildthestore.com

Several studies have illustrated where users eyeballs fall, depends on the site layout.  One way to determine what people are viewing on your sites by using heat-map tools.  Heat-maps are graphics that are placed over your website which will point out what and where people are viewing your site.  This is done primarily by trucking the clicks of the mouse of a typical visitor.  This is one good tool in optimizing your page layout our viewer eyes.  Here are a few more tips to get people to notice you enough to buy.

Be in Their Sight

If you have good and important content, but it falls “below the fold” below the default viewing area, means that the user has to scroll the page to view it. This greatly reduces your chance of your content being viewed.  If you fill the entire top section of your front page of your website with excess content, the user will not have anything to focus on. Ensuring the users eyes fall on what you want them to see will give you a higher conversion percentage. Structure the content so the most important items are front and center, namely the image and the description. The online user cannot touch the product they are looking at on your site, so you should attempt to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get familiar with your product.


Stand Out

A recent Caltech neuroscience study found out impulse purchase or when a customer was in a hurry, tend to think about their personal preferences but make purchases based on products that they first notice.  This proves a hypothesis for marketers, bearing with it a lot of potential – If the visual impact of a product can override consumer preferences, especially in a time-sensitive and distracting environment like online shopping, then strategic changes to a website’s design can seriously shift visitors’ attention.

Keep it Simple

Keeping the information simple, with uncomplicated language keeps more users from different educational backgrounds engaged in your site. Keeping the colors and styles consistent will allow your users to not have to adapt or adjust to each page on your site. Keep search results relevant, and don’t confuse your customers with too many up-sells. If your customer is confused you will spend, at best, a lot of time answering questions from potential buyers, and at worst, they will move on to a different site.

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One comment on “Optimize for the Eyeballs
  1. […] Believe it or not. If you use too many words or terms that are not familiar to the average consumer, you will make it more difficult for people to use a search engine to locate your products. Think of it this way: if you wrote a description that said “Super fantastic gyroscopic action on this product!”, a person entering “”twirling toy” is not going to find you on the first or second page of results – synonyms are treated with a lower score than exact matches. You don’t want to sound like a 5 year old either, so make sure your sentences are grammatically correct, your words are spelled correctly, and you are mixing in common terms with your description. […]


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