Build the Store Launches Remarketing Reports

SAN FERNANDO, Calif., Aug. 14, 2014, creator of the Easy eCommerce Solution is pleased to announce the launch of their Remarketing Report. This Remarketing Report will provide site owners, with silver level and above, a daily report of all registered customers who added products to their Shopping Cart, and then logged out with the items still in the cart before placing an order. This report will display the number of line items in the cart, email address, total monetary amount of the products, and any other address information that they may have entered.


Build the Store Brings Remarketing Reports to Increase Conversion Rates.

“Customers frequently put items into their cart, get distracted and close their browser,” stated Erik Van Riper, architect and lead developer for Build the Store. “If a customer has gone far enough along in the checkout process before switching away, then there may be an opportunity to “Remarket” to that customer by sending them a coupon in email to help them convert into a sale.  Common conversion rates using remarketing can range between 5% and 20%.”

With the Build the Store Remarketing Report, a site owner now can see real-time metrics on their customers’ abandoned shopping carts. By using this tracking report along with an email-marketing program, the site owner has an opportunity to provide their customer with either a coupon code or friendly reminder that they left items in their cart. Armed with this informational tool, our customers may be able to convert a missed opportunity into a closed sale.

BUILDTHESTORE.COM, is the Stress-free eCommerce solution for the online retailing and marketing of adult romance products. A fully customizable website, secure online purchasing, a fully integrated inventory, advanced marketing technology and more, brings to the forefront of retail eCommerce solutions in a fast-growing industry. Along with the promise of sustained growth through 2014, is dedicated to improving the user experience through expanded technologies and improved marketing techniques.

For general inquiries or more information regarding Build the Store please contact:

640 Glenoaks Blvd. Ste. 200
San Fernando, CA 91340
(818) 361-5333

Here at, our number one goal is to make you successful. Build the Store’s fully hosted SaaS is designed to help you build, manage, and grow a successful online store. Build the Store offers a feature-rich, eCommerce platform that provides you complete flexibility over the functionality of your online site at a great price. With search engine optimization and advanced inventory management, Build the Store give you the ability to provide a superior shopping experience for your customers. Build the Store is designed as an easy to use, customizable website to meet your needs and budget. We take the hassle out of running an online store, so you can focus on what you do best: marketing and selling!

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