How to Promote Your Online Store on Pinterest

If you are not using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site,  perhaps this article will change your mind.

Some interesting facts about Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has grown over 4000% in the last six months.
  • Generates on average .78 cents in sales and 2 website visits every time a customer finds an image.
  • Largest market is women with disposable income of $100,000 and higher.

Why you need to be on Pinterest

Pinterest is simple,  users share photos that they find online by “pinning” them.  Think of it as liking a photo on Facebook or giving a +1 on Google.  Users will download a toolbar that gives them the ability to “Pin” images from any website.  The photo and information will then appear on their Pinterest board.  People who follow them will see system does not lend itself to obvious marketing strategies, but there are a number of ways that you can use this growing social network to promote your business:

1.  Share Your Products

Yes, the most obvious way to use Pinterest to promote your Online store is to pin your own products to share with other people.  But how can you use this to your advantage?   The easiest way is to create several boards,  and to group your pins into categories for different type of customers.  For example,  Lingerie, Party Supplies, Bath and Body.  By doing this you are creating a virtual catalog of your site and attracting interest from many different types of customers.  Also by creating a “Favorites” or “Best Sellers” will help you showcase your most popular products.

2.  Add SEO

When pinning your products you have another opportunity to maximize your SEO efforts and to drive traffic back to your site.   Take the time to re-write your product descriptions and to use your keywords that will attract your potential customers to visit your site.  Remember unique content the the key with SEO.  Also, When adding a pin to your board,  remember to add a link to your site to get more people to come to your site.

3.  Cross Promote

Did you know that you can share your pins on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter?  Not only does this encourage more links to your products but this extra still will help drive more traffic to your site and increase value to our search engine ranking.

4. Offer Incentives

Offer potential customers incentives to visit your website.  When adding your product description,  add an exclusive coupon code or free shipping to your test.  This will help to create a buzz around your board.

5.  Engage, Engage, Engage

Pinterest is a social network, so take the time to create and build these relationships.  When you see a person repining your board or image,  comment and personally thank them.  Follow other users, and this will encourage them to follow you in return.  Encouraging customer feedback  by pinning their favorite products onto your board.  The more you can do to encourage customer interaction the better relationship your will have with them.





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