My First Website – A Checklist for Absolute Newbies

If you’re a total beginner, simply answer the 5 basic questions gathered here below and you’ll have a solid
starting point for getting your website online. Here goes:
What Kind of Website Is It?
Is it a blog, product information or an eCommerce site? Different websites have different forms. Decide on
the exact purpose of your site so that you know how you’re going to build it.

What Are You Going to Call It?
Every website has a URL or domain name – like You’ll need to come up and register a
domain name that reflects your company or the service you are going to offer. Choosing your site’s title
and domain name is more than a technical issue. It is an important step in your branding strategy. You want
to go for a title that is easy to remember, clear to understand but one that is still unique and appealing.
Here are more tips on how to choose a domain name.

3. What Do You Want to Say?
If you decided you need a website, it means you have something you want to share with other people. This
is true for businesses, , bloggers and everyone website owner out there. You need to clarify to yourself
what is the message you wish to share, and then to write site texts according to your message.
4. How Will Visitors Use Your Website?
Usability is important; your visitors need to be able to access information quickly and in as few clicks as
possible. Decide how to organize your site and make navigation between pages as simple and as intuitive as
you can. A key term to get familiar with is “UX” – or user experience. It’s basically a way to define the
overall experience a visitor has once entering your website.
5. How Will Visitors Find Your Website?
Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) is something every website owner needs to have in mind, and not
just during the first stages. SEO is the process of improving your site’s ranking on search results, so that
people can easily find it when they search for related topics. Make sure you include the most popular
keywords in your website text.

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